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priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38... because it makes our children #1. wo chic >> welcome back. we are watching face books stop after they sort of a 20% yesterday. we will be watching apple and will show their quarterly numbers. they had over $36,000 in revenue. >> let's give more on the weather and we have a your cup with a quick look on the weather. >> it is misty conditions out the door and storm tracker 4 does show some went visibility. it really will not impact you and you will just need to use your windshield wipers. it is low fifties for--everyone is in the '50s and it will the '60s and '70s for the afternoon the 7 day bay whether and the world series game to forecast will come up in just a minute. joins bay babe ruruth. >> hi w his weight is no longer an issue. he cannot wait until he takes the mound and there are thousands of people cannot wait for him to do that. here is video
was booked into santa clara county jail. after 12 years of serving in the boy scouts at local teenager has been kicked out and deny the organization's top honor. the boy's family says it all because he came out of the closet as being gay. brian anderson delivered a petition with more than 400 signatures to a local troop leaders demanding he receive the eagle award he earned. supporters from all over the nation's ninth titian over the last two weeks. since the mother posted the petition on the internet bv and none of us see his sexual orientation. the boy scouts to admit that in this and some of the ship was revoked because he is gay following the policy prohibiting a members. the family hopes the widespread support will spurn the local troops to challenge the organization's anti-gay policy. >> the so-called for version files were released after a court battle stretching back decades. the files offered an unprecedented look at how the scouting organization handled molestations from the early 1960's to the mid '80s. the loss and less time to map the incidents and they cover all a few on popu
and local money. how about giving of a cut the forecast. >> let us check with the golden gate bridge we are seeing some areas of fog and degrees of visibility. from the north bay, santa rosa. the visibility is improving a bit with just three counts. but it just poor visibility and even redwood city. redwood city is only to my house. we are seeing areas of dense fog to start the work week. mostly cloudy conditions and generally in the 50s. and for this afternoon a gorgeous day with lots of sunshine. slightly warmer compared to yesterday. tonight prequel but a decent baseball forecast. -pretty cool. -- >> and also, high level clouds and the rain saying to the north of a split that ridge of high pressure will state employes for the next couple days with even warmer for the next couple of days. for the futurecast, the yellow is indicating the 70's in the orange is indicating the 80s. we will see 90's. for tonight, the yellow is indicating 70's with a cool down. and the east bay for this evening. you are able to go out but bring a jacket. mountain view, 76. and 77 degrees. cupertino, also pa
will take a quick break coming up on the kron for morning news the latest not only local headlines across the country as well. we are watching the effects of hurricane sandy. here's a live look out of new york city where we are watching the storm. you can see a craned right next to a building that was under construction for the crane snapped in half by the high winds. we have 13 deaths in the u.s. as a result of storm sandy. be read good morning. the time is 4:24 a.m.. it is time to get ready for the giants victory parade. they're painting, assembling, and disassembling. there are four people working around the clock with a limited amount of workers to complete everything in less than 24 hours. the intricate designs took hours to complete on the floats. master float builder david thomas has been doing this type of work for 20 years. >> yoalways do that. we ask if e could have two extra days. they told us know. >> f. thomas also says for those of you test not been to the great this is the one to come to. he says this would be something talked about for a long time. >> the san francisco gia
education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >> we are back it is 6:15 a.m.. if you see a craft going across it is unjust practice for the military. this is just to kick off the weekend festivities. in case we have a major earthquake or catastrophe this will take place. >> bellwether channel will start to name the winter storms the same as they do for hurricanes. if this may be like watch out chuck. this will make the public more aware of what is coming. naming the winter storms will help. this is what they do in europe. this will start in 2013. we will wait for this to start. hopefully when i get that far. let's turn our attention to local weather. teaching hate erica tice. >> it will not amount to much and it will be pretty spotty at best. as we take a look outside it is a very clear start for the morning. as you can see on our satellite radar in terms of temperatures is warm out at 71 degrees. it is 56 in vallejo can and 56 in vermon
celebration that parade should be tried but it will be a chilly one. you will need your giants local apparel. upper 50s low '60's at best. mostly cloudy dry and cool conditions. everyone going trick or treating woman their raincoats or an umbrella. a cold front associated with the storm system by 6:00 p.m. tonight you will see the rain starts to reach the north bay. the yellow on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain for santa rosa. it will continue to go south as we get into the overnight hours. it will be a wet one. everyone could be hit by this. the shower star to taper off as we wake up tomorrow morning. your kron 47 day of ground they forecast shows we do have rank as we wake up tomorrow. we should seek partial clearing midday. warmer by friday. mostly sunny conditions as we head into the weekend. as a start the work week temperatures could be again the low 80s. >> more on your forecast coming up in a bid. in terms of traffic no hot spots. we do have a vehicle fire westbound highway 37 in vallejo. it does not seem to be obstructing the traffic lights. only the right shoulder is a
to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. back in a couple of >> will come back 6: 14 and whether is our big story today is to take a live look at clear conditions around the bay. despite yesterday's severances goes golden gate bridge a conceit here is clear on the right and that is walnut blanket of red on the map that indicates the 90 degree weather and possibly the triple digit whether for some portions of the bay. here are the numbers you concede or we thank you erika watching this wild fire in riverside county. we're just learning about full containment this morning fire officials say this 364 a. blaze was burning east of riverside. the fire erupted saturday in a defenssteep terrain. >> n amtrak train carrying 169 passengers from oakland to bakersfield be railed yesterday's when a big rig truck collided with the train. two cars and a locomotive portion were pushed off of the tracks. the train was going around 600 ft. until it finally came to a sto
. >> locals, tourists, enjoyed the mild weather. maure these crowds generated big bucks. >> check out these people for chrisy field. some are watching the blue angels air show. others at the water were waiting and watching for the america's cup racing. two of the big draws on sunday. hundreds of thousands are flocking to the city. using public transportation. bart had a new record. 320,000 purchasing tickets. and sunday is also expected to also be huge. great news. >> 60% of our passengers pay for a ticket purchased. when there is a huge rider ship. it benefits everybody. >> a lot of money was exchanging hands at the castro district. green for cold beer. and also, cash for charity like " cheer us up ". they were having great luck for donation solicitation. >> this is great. >> the parents of sanchez elementary took advantage of the crowd by charging $20. for parking on the schoolyard. that money will help fund a field trip. the $1,500 is what we're hoping. >> and look at the restaurants. gathering to watch the italian heritage parade. the owner of this north beach restaurant saying th
with this outbreak. about 600 people received this recalled shot. local health departments have notified all the patients who visited these facilities. nine people have died and over a hundred others have became sick. + is lookinge steps were i degrees and future cast shows that the afternoon will be '60s through out the heart of the bay. as we pushed to 8:00 p.m. it will indicate where the 50 degrees will be. upper 60s and low 70's in fremont. 72 is expected in campbell and 71 in walnut creek. it is pretty comfortable for the east lake shoreline. it will be a pretty chilly afternoon. satellite and radar the show were the cloud cover of will be. that just popped up on satellite and radar and we will investigate to see when this will actually hit the ground. oakland a's will face off against the tigers and a ganed this is an elimination game and it is set to start at 7:07 p.m.. we will see a mix of clouds for the next several days and we may see some '80s as we transition to the weekend. >> coming up from millbrae past that have as fall to san bruno sadly the road work was scheduled there has
up local for collecting taxes. and other prosecutors fought similar action. a survey from cal berkeley finds about 400,000 california coastal trees have died this year that is up 40,000 from last year. a wet spring in 2011 helped to spread of a sudden oak desk disease which kills the inner layer of the tree, cut off its supply. >> will take a quick break we come back out the pain at the pump is good news for amtrak that story straight ahead. we're following live pictures out of our beta colorado were police are searching bore a missing tenure who have more on this story. >> and were back 6: 26 amtracs is the high prices of gas are the reason why they sought a hike in passenger riders. amtrak says july was their best month ever. here in california to train set new records >> the shots for back pain the stair rods shots that were tainted ta second firm has temporarily agreed to shut down for inspection is run by the same executives who ran the massachusetts firms. slaughter governor rick scott get a phone sex hot line number to floridians seeking information on that deadly fung
take it somewhere? >> and the bay area? over local expert on metoe ris peter yedeersin at the science center. would there be everybody at the science center that could give it a good look. >> i do not know at the top of my head. >> eleanor, what shall we expect for saturday night? shooting stars? >> the mid october is the oriaon meteor shower is a large star constellation and the media or from holly's comment. >> yes that is exactly what happened halley's com et...aftermanth ... that is expecting the peak of the meteor shower. after midnight. >> thank-you. she is from the james lick observatory. if you are hiking and see something strange it could be from upper space! [laughter] when i take a picture of this check, it goes straight to the bank. oh. oh look the lion is out! no mommy no! don't worry honey, it only works on checks. deposit checks from your smartphone with chase quickdeposit. just snap a picture, hit send and done. take a step forward and chase what matters. >> welcome back. there were positive numbers yesterday. rob black will be on the set in just a few moments. tim you
of stevenson street. 1:30 a.m. the victim was transported to a local hospital. no word on the condition. still, no suspects. we have a live news crew on the way and we will bring you updates. this live look outside as we take a brief break. and this is from at&t park. jackie jackie sissel is there. often (male announcer): now, here's stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. (sirens) >> i have $100. >> no matter how many times you tell people to not purchase tickets from a scalper -- >> i have been coming here for 13 years i thought he was for real but these were fake. >> they never listen. >> there are a lot of counterfeit tickets. >> these people spent $500 per ticket and we are talking on four tickets. there were counterfeit. and one person was also a victim of the scalper. >> i was trying to get tickets and he came down to the price of $425 per piece and it seemed like a pretty good deal. but it was a scam. >> he thought something was fishy. so he took a photograph and he showed that photograph to the police officer. there are a lot of fakes. >> this is a great place to find people
. a market place for local merchants was also there for arts and crafts food booths, a pretty large large family gathering area. it happens to be the only free blues of dent in san francisco. and speaking of music kron force of stanley roberts had the honor of being the master of ceremonies. residents came out to see steadily. the festival was a benefit for the arts council community program. >> no updates on the wild flowerfires we are following. fr firefighters have been injured and a shed has been destroyed. several homes in northwest of the fire and no evacuation orders were issued. >> and make sure to bring your own plastic bag on your shopping trip in san francisco or it may cost you money. the plastic bag of bread goes into effect today if you do not have your own back stores will charge you 105 per bag. tolbert the benelux benchrest lines as well businesses will get to keep the proceeds from the bags they sell. hoping this will allow san francisco to reach the goal 2012 by 2020. >> >> the search is still on for to tennessee children missing after their house has burned down last w
billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >> a live look here at a clear golden gate bridge. no fog there on the back. as we look to the north it is 52 degrees right now. we will gain about 40 degrees with the high being 91 this afternoon. we will see if they can top that up in the vial, is one of the hot spots today. >> san francisco they're taking over the convention center spilling into the streets. there's a section of power street that is going to be shut down. it is coined be packed we're expecting 50,000 attendees this year. unveil at the conference and to deal with oracle. they're looking to give oracles customers access to its growing map locations. they are expanding the company's mapping services which will compete with google maps. oracle is calling the move an easier way to get customers to use nokia's maps. we will see. >> i want to say people have been complaining about the apple mac, i use them twice this
approach. prop thirty-eight sends billions in new education dollars straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. so remember this number. thirty-eight. >>> welcome back. checking wall street with live looks from the trading floor, new york stock exchange, electronic trading board of the nasdaq, a slight up tick in number of americans filing for unemployment last week and drop in retail sales for september. more at 6:45. >> let's get over to the traffic desk. following a hot spot. east bay? >> that's right. we mentioned how slow the traffic was here on 580 in the west bound direction not only in the usual place for pass but getting into dublin. it turns out there is an accident here at the dublin interchange, perhaps between dougherty and 680. one of the vehicles could not be moved so it is still blocking traffic. with one late blocked it's driving up drive time which is now up to 38 minutes heading west from the pass to the dublin interchange. i am looking at slowing in 101 in san jose.
warmest income communities. things local back down into the weekend full details on your extended full cast coming up in just a bit. >> thank-you erica came to will be much better. the san francisco giants entering game 2 and the national league championship tonight. they are looking for their first home victory of the postseason. our sole reporter jacqueline ciscokie si >> they came back and scored four runs in the bottom of the fourth it was too little too late. they still have not won a game here at at&t park. in the postseason. they are 0-3 they're hoping to break that street tonight. >> to get another chance at 5:00 p.m. they will take on the reigning world champion st. louis cardinals and game to. no matter what there is still more baseball to be played to have to win the best out of seven. there will tplace 3 in singles and come back to at&t park. they are waiting--they never really got started they had the big fourth inning but after that everything was shut down. they're really hoping tonight will be denied and get a home victory for the home crowd. the tickets are out there.
to our local schools. >> to listen to the as proposition 30 and 38 is to fill your head with conflicting assertions creating confusion. >> but you s f political science professor says there are distinct differences between the two. prop 30 backed by the government and teachers union calls for a sales tax increase for four years and raise the income tax for those year burning $250,000 or more for seven years. the other proposition would raise the income tax for most californians for 12 years. that is one distinct difference. >> the top 1% pays for about 44 percent of the tests and questionnaires will be analyzed hopefully create a clear picture of why some people get sick and others do not. >> and how to prevent future exposures. >> in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >> it will be seasonally want to day. >> good morning james today is the beginning of a many heat wave. it will last through tomorrow and things quickly break down so enjoy it while it lasts. this morning lots of sunshine and eighties and even some nineties this afternoon. tonight clear skies. temperatures daly ci
seriously and follow the instructions of your saved local officials. they will be providing you with the best advice in terms of how to around 2:00 p.m. cloudy conditions around the coast line sunny conditions everywhere else. the cloud cover will have an impact on the conditions cooler conditions expected. 774 antioch. low seventies for oakland. napa and afternoon high of 75 degrees. your your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows a front could bring wet weat to sketch s thursday. mostly sunny conditions for saturday and sunday. traffic looks good around the bay area the dense fog could be a factor throughout the morning. the approach bay bridge toll plaza busier westbound out oakland into the city. cloudy conditions persist we are seeing top speeds up the incline and up the upper deck. >> the san mateo bridge c on our roadways centers a lot of the green speeds over 50 mi. per hour. i'm connect a close eye on was down 5801 of the first spots to back up. no delays over the altamonte pass approaching downtown livermore. top speeds approaching the 580-680 interchange. >> more
. the services have come under criticism from local taxi drivers who said the company's on regulated and take away potential customers from them. researchers in norway say electric cars may not be better for the environment. a report in the journal of apology say factories that make electric cars can admit more toxic waste in conventional factors. scientists say the production phase is a lot more chemicals. the name makes it to the big picture if the power comes from low carbon sources. we would take a break 4: 43 still ahead today will be a big day for the skydiver you see on the screen he is said to attempt to break a world record details on his jump coming up >> today skydivers going to make a free-fall record with nothing but a helmet, a spacesuit and a parachute. >> inside mission control in anticipation raw nerves, intense focus. we get special access as part tossed a technical analyst does his final preparations for a historical journal. >> is pretty exciting. everyone is in place. we have tested all the e mission even the jumpers by the size will be on display. after five years of pre
. the cease-fire strategy was to try a local match year but did not work out so well and it has been a void in other cities that are hoping the second time of the the charm. >> the mayor is asking the city council have more police officers the request comes after two recent double homicides in the murder rate more police presence in the community and with drug enforcement. >> here's what people have to say. >> if you can't just keep putting band-aids over his or if it's infected. and that is what happened to the vallejo police department is infected. and the corrupt officers the to be removed. once they are removed that should make way for good officers. officers who want to protect and serve. >> the mayor's request for atgngathis being cited for one of the reasons with skyrocketing gas prices throughout the state of california. the weather. >> good morning james you mentioned lightning strikes in our last report for one to bring of supply of trochophore in showing exactly where some of those occurred. the majority of card fall short you can see we have wet weather approaching. we did some
into the afternoon. local role in first impacting the coast line and the temperatures will be in the '50s and '60s. we have big changes to talk about coming into the weekend that we will talk about in just a bit. >> they're still in pretty light ride in the bay area. there is an accident is on the shoulder and should not affect you. new starting to see a little slowing for highway 580. 88680 still looks good as well. >> the oakland a's will live another day! cocoa with the hits, it was pandemonium at the coliseum last night. we had to weigh all the way to the bottom of the ninth to see the land but any fan will tell you it was worth it. when will tran called in the cardiac kids earlier, i love that phrase. it was a roller-coaster ride i almost had a heart attack. they will face the detroit tigers tonight for game 5. is another situation where it is a win or go home. the giant stay alive yesterday as well. they crush the rest from 8 to 3. three players hit home runs. he struck out six people and really brought it home. the deciding game 5 will be later on this morning. it is at 10 07 a.m., don't th
. there will be watching that tonight closely. we're watching our local weather. >> if you like a woman conditions you'll love our 7 day forecast. we continue that gradual warm up the next couple of days. this morning only areas of fog, is in control a nice quiet weather pattern the winds coming in we have an offshore win starting tonight tomorrow and into thursday that means get ready for more to hot conditions. you can see north of as we have the green that is the rank of not bart about that. leave your umbrella at home the showers are north of was. the rich of h daily city at 58 degrees. 63 in hayward. to quan concord. antioch and the lower seventies. these numbers generally warmer compared to 24 hours ago. it does feel a little mild measure stepping out of the door. temperatures will be in the '70s where you see the yellow and in the '80s were the in line and then the orange as we put this into motion the inland really warms things up into the mid '80s and also even the coast will be fairly mild today even warmer tomorrow and thursday. how warm the week before today? here's a look at your afternoo
spotty showers local coast and the north bay. looks like we could pick up a pop up showers right around game time for those of you heading out to what san 1 >> police were called to this house on the 2500 block of alameda street at around 130 atm. after neighbors called to report the residence of the home were running around naked smashing of their own car windows and threatening to blow up the house. >> the guy was yelling at his return to gaston said the house on fire at a really care. >> when police arrived they saw one of the naked men run into the house as they approached they noticed he was on it the influence. >> intoxicated if you will leaving the officers to believe he was under the influence of some hallucinogen. >> police said they were trying to apprehend first man a second a naked man appeared. >> upon approaching the officer he actually pushed the gun into the stomach of the officer requiring a second uniformed officer to draw his weapon and discharge his weapon. >> that second suspect was killed after that policed notice a fire burning in the back of a home. the fire depa
. local and federal firefighters were called together attacking from the air and ground. cruz has contained 40 percent of the blaze which was about 25 a. in size. one firefighter suffered a minor injury to his leg. right now the what3 something started. you know the drill we do not often hear around the bay. it will help minimize injuries when in actual earthquake starts. awareness is getting out there. a flyer is distributed in downtown oakland calling on residents to take the law into their own hands in advance of the october 25th occupy movement anniversary. next week marks the one-year anniversary of occupied oakland when protesters were removed by oakland police from the plaza. it is a story we first told you about yesterday of the kron 41 in news and now officials at zero p there are speaking out about how they plan to handle what could be an extremely difficult situation. >> the flyer reads stand up and defend the great city of oakland. this basically a call for oakland residents to arm themselves with baseball bats and defend the city against anarchists and vandals against
okay? >> those five occupants were cared for by the american red cross. and they are at a local hotel for shelter. we are working with the red cross. >> thank you. >> darya this is blocked off, completely cured for a while, ashleyy was also blocked off but did not want this to be a traffic hazard. this is one block away from college/ ashbey you can see these homes and trees. there is so much brush and there is a concern that they did not want this to spread. and i will be sticking around here for most of this morning. just to make sure that the hot spots are turned off. >> thank you, and yuli. >> let us to the quick check of weather & traffic erica? >> good morning, james. it looks like that heat is moving out of our area. the warmest areas will be in the 90's. yesterday, we set records but today temperatures are in the 60s. '70s, '80s and pretty warm conditions but a bit more mild. as for goal for this afternoon and relatively as we go for this afternoon, still however, warm expected where these numbers are expected to end up in my next weather report. >> good morning, ericka. a pret
as a secretary ended up being the vice president of a local bank. and she ended up living alone by choice. and the reason she could be independent because of social security and medicare. >> apologized in a later post from the same twitter account they didn't explain how that tweet ended up being posted in the first place. mitt romney's comment about big bird and pbs are ruffling some feathers he told anchor and debate moderator that he would cut federal funding for pbs which would put the casts of sesame workers out of work. they voiced support for big bird. some even created i should say a facebook page called big bird from president. at 4:37 we'll take a quick break. we've got much more straight ahead, so stick around. we've got a lot to show you as you make your approach westbound traffic light as you would expect at this very hour. >> we're back at 4:239. you can see investigators are still here they brought out their mobile command here. this murder took place at around 12:30 in the morning so about four hours ago. now some group of men were here. we're not sure if they lived there
straight to our local schools, and guarantees the politicians can't touch it. thirty-eight will restore the education cuts from sacramento. >> welcome back. 5:29 hand cold, warm, what ever we have had it is the cloud and the fog, ericka. >> that is correct, darya. i'd been watching this and the computer models show that we have the wind coming out of the north. that fog will be pressing out, as we go for the a afternoon. we will see sunshine and blue skies for downtown san francisco. if you are going to the fleet week festivities. today, some morning fog will fog to contend with. with upper 70's and also that fog will make a comeback. and for tomorrow, that cooling trend will continue gradual sunshine toward i will show you what is on tap and where that potentially is for wet weather. >> still a light drive. no hot spots. were major problems. we do have light traffic for the east bay. or-no major problems high wind before, and interstate 580 but no stop and go or even slow and go yet. the peninsula and the east shore freeways are also doing a decent. the right to run the bay also lookin
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